Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Inara's fantasy and Mae's finds

Let's start with something I should have blogged already *blush blush* but things kept piling in my inventory *makes a note reminding her of reading the notes saying "Clean your inventory!!!"*
Anyway, the wonderful Skyler John sent to Mystic Sky members an edition of the Belladonna in Lavendar. A somptuous gown with a bustled skirt.. and I'm not sure you can see the cute little roses attached there. So lovely !

And you must check Inara's Fantasy Couture for there are some stunning gown to get there! Thanks so much to my friend Shay for telling me about this store. It's wonderful, and Inara's creations are just wonderful ... and so fairly priced. But let's head back to the gifties.
The red gown is the gift from the Vampire Hunt, the breathtaking white gown is truely a Princess Gown, and it's also a group gift (Join the group asap, there will be a fee after the second week of October to join the group) and the last one is the Pumpkin Paw Print hunt gift !

And meh is glad to say the wonderful Rainy released new skins !!! Isabeau got a facelift and it's back ! I'm just showing you some samples, but believe me there are stunning ! And so cute with the freckles!
Be a cheerleader with JE* Republic .. the outfit is a gift and the cheerleader poses sold there are cheapies ! The pink babydoll dress is STC 9000 member group gift. And the hair is a freebie at Decoy .. Titania blogged about it some days ago! Go check it out.
And thanks so much to Sileny for the heads up on the cute lucky board prizes at KUE .. I only managed to grab the outfit so far, but I'll head back !

Enjoy ! xxx hugs

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