Monday, October 12, 2009

Caution... Long post

Ok stop one... Blaze .. Group gifts in notices for both ladies and gentlemen. The adorable Harmony Dress in Pink and the elegant Regal Tux.
Stop n°2: Baiastice ... The sexy black dress is a new gift there, for Halloween, Vampire&Witch dress. The Spiritual Dancer is still available there. Whole avatar in a pack.
New dresses at Blue Blood ... Coeur Royal is to get in all colors in the lucky boards, plus the black edition in the MM. It looks awesome, doesn't it ? And it comes with the jewels ! Very detailled work. The hair is a dollarbie from Waka&Yuki. To get in this store, along with the hair style worn with the next store items !
Sileny knows ladies are gorgeous, and she knows how to make you look even better. You might already know Sileny for her great store Shape it Up, or for her posts in FreeStyle blog.. or for her skills in finding good places for Lucky Chair Stalkers group.. but now discover her clothes !
The darker brown hair is the second W&Y dollarbie hair. Other one is Laura in Brown, used to be a Magika lucky board gift.
I'm glad i discovered Aniri's Boutique ... Thanks Shay.. The two dresses on the left are from there (including the hair on far left one and the shoes shown) and it's total cuteness... plus very nicely priced. Note the high sandals on the right are from there as well.
The dress however is a actually a sweater, so can be worn with leggins, and it's a gift from *G Field* ... nicey uh !
Now let's speak of a little hunt... Trick or Treats asks the tiny witch. Start the hunt here.. Get the NC about the hunt and visit all the 4 sims to sneak in all the sweets bowls. Every store taking part in it has set those cups in their store. Just touch them and select the gift !
Tiny Witch AV - Little Halloweenie tree (Trick or Treats Hunt)
Little Halloweenie Set (Trick or Treat hunt)
All outfits (Trick or Treats hunt)
While you're at the Dominion, make sure you grabbed the actual gift. The Sequine Dancer Outfit in all colors !
The dress on the right is a gift from G Field, and the shoes are from Unique Needs lucky chairs.
Pirates ! Middle one, to get in Wishbox MM, and the two others are Deviance apple bobber gifts ! There is also a pair of wings, but Sua got hungry and ate them while doing the post.
And last but not the least in this long long post.. ImpEle actual group gift is this table, unscripted and unposed though. And the dress is a gift by Jill !!
Enjoy !

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