Friday, October 16, 2009

Apples and Treats to be sick !

You're seeing ghosts ? Heard so much about Halloween that your head turned into a pumpkin ?!
Well then it's not going to be any better if you go apple bobbing at Evie's Closet ... Because you will get there not only a pumpkin head, not only ghosts to turn around your, but also magic candies !
But if you misbehave, the Witches will come and be warned, they are not only gifted with magic but also dressed wonderfully !
They might be already hiding between you gentle readers ...

[*munches on the fae*... Shhh don't tell them I am not a fae, or I'll change you into a pumpkin]

Where to get the Schmilblick?
Here !
Evie's Apple Bobbing Prizes shown in post:
There is also Deadly/Wormy Apples to get ... and 100L store cards !

  • Ghostly premonitions
  • Magic Candy Stash
  • Miss Pumpkinhead
  • Munch Faery Special Edition
  • Witchy Halloween Gift - Blood and Cursed

===> The dresses and accessories come in seperated packages, so make sure you catch both of them! (Accessories pack contain wings, eyes, socks, hat)

  • Halloween Faery Silks

===> Again the silks and accessories are in two different packs. (Accessories pack contains wings, eyes and circlet)

Also shown in this post:
Duh hunt prizes (Boots and Necklace)
McSkins jigsaw gift (Halloween dress - Pic 1)

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