Friday, October 16, 2009

Graveyard Boogy

Super uber Halloweeny Vignette sim where i can Rest in Discomfort with cool props yayz!

Resting in Discomfort

And.... surely u did notice...
Super uber mega awesum Halloween dress from Pinky Gals!
Lucky board prize for group members (membership is free) omg omg omg!

Graveyard Boogy

And and and...
Lookee at the witchy boots from Vignette!
MM prize!

Boots for Witches

Wait wait wait...
i haven't finished squealing yet!
This skin ZOMG!
This is the Halloween secret gift #3 from MJ+Dada!

My Pets

Now i cant tell u where exactly the skin is cos it keeps moving. But its hidden in something that should be in the shop already, it costs 1L, and atm i think it is hidden either MJ+Dada in Juicy or MJ+Dada in Shopping Town Ek Chuah. Go to the MJ+Dada blog to find out more. It can be hard to find... i never did find secret gift #2 ;-;

And did u notice my cute Halloween mouth pumpkin? Its a group giftie from Pinky Gals next to the lucky board yayz!

Did i say before that i sooooo lurve Halloween?

And im sick with flu i think its made me slightly delirious i seem to be squealing a lot so im shutting up now and going to bed :-P

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