Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creature Stuff `,..,´

Moving on with posting, woot! Here's my 2º one =) Let's see if the urls are correctly made... lol

If you don't have elf ears yet, this is your chance! here at Epic Fantasy Wings and Clothing you can find ones for free with hoop piercings but they haven't got a script to change the texture, so time to modify them by yourself lol
In this store you can also find a Lucky Chair with a cuuuute school uniform outfit, it takes like 30 minutes or 20 minutes per letter tho u.uU. And there's a Lucky Fortuness too which has a awesome fae outfit as prize *o*

The 2nd of Novembre it's starting a hunt at ..::Muertos::.. , there are several hunt info givers around. Well the thing is that I found some freebies in one of the little houses of the sim, such as the hair I'm wearing (it come in 3 colours, light blonde, black and red), a cool zoombie lover shirt :D, a couple of tails but made of pieces of clothes (pretty similar between them lol), and two green corsets and two capris (this ones with prims and nice textures)^^.

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