Thursday, October 8, 2009

So much

Halloween is on its way .. so time to take spooky pictures ! Go and grab you halloweenie photostudio, gift from itutu !
But the cute pumpkin where my cute behind is sitting is not part of the photostudio, but a dollarbie from KO Poses .. A 6 poses pumpkin with Jack O Lantern face !
Now, let's mix free and non free for a good cause. While I am showing parts of the new Mystic Hope outfit, Nighthunt, I am also supporting breast cancer awareness. Glitterati is offering a box of single poses along with two friend poses for free. Free ... well yes, but think about it a bit more. Isn't it worth a donation? The cause is great, and I mean, if you are a lady, you cannot ignore the importance of research in this area. And if you are a guy, I'm pretty sure you an come up with a good reason to take care of your lady's breast. So just throw in a bit of linden and tell your friends about it. Thanks Katey Coppola for the kindness and this wonderful idea.
As you may have noticed, I'm also wearing JE*Republic skin, blogged by Titania a few days ago, and now you can look at the entire outfit ! Yeah... I am not usually bare chest, so the outfit comes with a few tops ^-^
But at Mystic Hope you can also get this delicious outfit, Princess of Hope War Black, in the Midnight Mania ! There is also a second board, but it's group only, so Mae will show it to you soon!
And Curio has released a new line of eyes, Tragic Eyes. They are available with a LOT of options, 3 sizes: large, medium, small and 2 styles: shine and no shine.

Aren't they looking amazing ! I love the textures, a very detailled work!

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