Monday, October 5, 2009

Want some treats?

Update: The hunt had some ups and downs and has now been resetted. You have to go and join the group for 88L, then pay each of the 12 bags 1L to get the gifts. Note the babydoll version of the Aventine gown has been added to the hunt prizes to make it up for it.
If you had joined the hunt at its beginning, it will be a bit odd for you. Because you already paid the full price of 100L so... well, personally, I just grabbed the babydoll dress for 1L and that's all, but if you hadn't received the gifts with the pouch or whatever bugs, I would advice a kind note to Evangeline Miles. Remember, 1L is almost nothing for such beautiful creations, but I know you had already paid the 100L. Go for the option that seems to be the best for you, but keep in mind bugs happens ^-^
I know .. I've been bad and not too blogging those last days... Thank you cold weather, but heh.. I'm still alive and I came with some sweet treats from Oubliette sim. They have a hunt going on there, and all the kind designers gave something in it. You need to pay a 100L fee to enter the hunt group but it's worth it ! Evie rewards you with a special edition of the Aventine gown.
Balderdash with a lovely set of jewels... look closer at the earrings, they're amazing.
Winx Home & Garden has prepared this cute board for you, and you can customise the pictures !

And the ad picture being way better than what I could come up with, I decided to show you the bracelet made by Frippery. Their gift includes the earrings too!

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