Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Men Only?

Howdy all, Angel Slocombe here your new Guy about town.
I was Shanghai'd .... um I mean I was asked very nicely *cough* to contribute to this blog after I was spotted spending way to much time gabbing in the Make Him Over group chat. The group is dedicated to male and unisex fashion and right now until Nov15th the focus is on the second Make Him Over gridwide hunt. 174 stores with male and unisex fashion are supplying all manner of goodies in this hunt and the quality of the prizes is pleasantly good. In fact I know a number of female avatars who are also doing this hunt because many of the clothes can be easily adapted for them too.
The variety of styles available is what struck me after unpacking all of my boxes so I thought I'd introduce myself by showing off 4 different looks I achieved using the prizes from this hunt.

Clothes incl Shoes are all from the prize at Deetalez.
Skin is from one of the two prizes at Hunk Factory.
Shape is part of the prize from PEER.
Eyes came from the prize from Melodic.
Hair came from the MADesigns prize.

Hair in the prize from Bryce.
Silks from Animations Rising/Rising Silks.
Skin - Edward Earth Gothic (not a hunt prize) by Subaru Design
Shape is made by myself.

Hair from prize by Rock Candy.
Clothes & Hat from prize by H.I.M Fashion
Skin - Edward Earth Gothic (not a hunt prize) by Subaru Design
Shape is made by myself.

Shape from the Prize by Maverick Design
Hair from the Prize by MADesigns
Eyes from the Prize by MAXeyes
Skin from one of the 2 Prizes by Hunk Factory
Boots from the Prize by 7071
Clothes from the Prize by Poised

I'd like to take this opportunity to also give an extra shout out to Animations Rising/Rising Silks an incredible store for men I rediscovered thanks to the MHOH. All the poses above are from one of their model pose sets and today they released an absolutely incredible set of Silks called Mythic which truly live up to their name. I just HAD to show you.

If Silks aren't your thing there are also a good number of high quality menswear shops on the same sim offering all kinds of styles.

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