Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cause you're a human supernova

Hey hey people ^.^

Feel like supernova surfing? It's cool fun ^.^

U need the right dress for it of course. And just look at my amazing pumpkin cotton candy dress! So cool, the colour doesn't clash with the stars and the balloon style gives buoyancy... just excellent for a spot of supernova surfing yayz ^.^

Supernova Surfing

This dress is from the LurveBite lucky chair, made by the super talented Sofia London. Halloween special, natch. So stalk that chair before Halloween okiez.

And in the MiaSnow shop across the way, go downstairs (use the ramp where the car is stuck in the floor) and u can get wonderful Mia Snow's awesum uber amazing rainbow goth skin, u probly already know about this one since it has been there a while, but here is a pic of it anywayz cos it rocks and i luv it:

Halloween Mooching

Then there is this next skin, its by MJ+Dada and it was a 1L hunt prize for Halloween. This makeup is no longer the hunt prize, but another makeup of this skin IS hidden somewhere in the MJ+Dada main shop or in a satellite shop. Apparently, it is in an object that would normally be there in the shop. And it costs 1L. Only trouble is, I haven't found it yet... so I can't give u a hint or show u a pic :-P ....BUT if YOU find it u could always give ME a hint roflmao ^.~

Cotton Candy Supernova>

Now the hair and eyes in these pics... spooky motion sickness eyes and cobweb fringed pumpkin hair... im so sure u have defintely noticed these LOL. They are a 1L awesum pumpkin saucesum Halloween gift from Pididdle. Get em while they are hot ^.^

Finally lookee lookee DRAGON HEELS woot!!! OMG OMG dragon heels ROFL! i so luv these shoes!! These are the Grim Bros dragon strength heels and they recycle through the MMs held by that nice gifting gorilla every now and then. Keep an eye out cos these shoez rock. And... guess wot... the shoes in the MM atm are... wait for it... LION HEELS... awww bless <3

The Great Pumpkin

Ooooooh i do luv Halloween <3

Pics taken at the luvly MiaSofia sim :-)

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