Friday, October 23, 2009

Interview from the After-Death

It's with a great sadness that I have to announce your beloved blogger passed out while investigating for more gifts and surprises! Excess of blogging can be dangerous for the health ?
Of course not ! Proof is, even while talking with angels, I still am fashionnable down in my grave !
So stop mourning this loss, and hear the joyfull songs of Heaven (as they get incredible fashion tips)!
Like all the news about latest hunts and gifts to be found in some wonderful stores of SecondLife.
How to become the cutest witch amongst the clouds...
...or the sexiest...
Or even where to find amazing halloweenie costumes!

Items showns in this post are to be found through ST-ROOMS halloween hunt, Analise sim,
or Onyx Sim "Horror Hunt".

Picture 1:
Blood Bath by *Mimic* - Horror Hunt
Devil outfit - Analise gift

Picture 2:
Grave with poses by Dilly Dolls - Horror Hunt
Angel outfit - Analise gift

Picture 3:
Fairy outfit - Analise gift
Mourning dress by tomoto - ST-ROOMS hunt

Picture 4:
All items from Horror Hunt
Panda dress by Avantmelon ** Boots by Heart&Sole
Black dress by Blue Blood
Scarecrow skin, shape and top by Shape It Up
Heart in a bottle by Blood Tea

Picture 5:
Dress by Liriope - ST-ROOMS hunt
Witch Outfit - Analise gift
Panda dress (Avantmelon) and Neko stuff by Mouse trap - Horro Hunt

Picture 6:
Lingerie by GL Designs - Horror Hunt
Shoes by SG Designs - Horror Hunt
Bloody dress by Bird of Prey - Horror Hunt

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