Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sale at Mer-Elf

Remember the Aurelina gown ? This gorgeous dress with so many options and gently crafted by the talented Morgaine Price?
Well, it's on sale at the moment ! So listen carefully for i just learnt it myself ^-^
The single gowns (shown in the megapack advert shown below) are all available at the discounted price of 399L. When you buy one, you can claim the limited edition for free to Morgaine.
Yes, the limited edition is this wonderful white version. But.. be quick because there are only 3 editions remaining. So hurry at Mer-Elf store and get your copy now.

But this is not all ! IF you are a group member, the megapack is to get for the price of a single gown! Yes I mean for 399L !

And older creations are to get for a small 150L right now. What are you waiting for ? Go and tell Morgaine how generous she is !

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