Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oz hunt !

Ok guys it's super late, so bear with my simple and direct post.

Where? Magic of Oz sim
What ? Oz Anniversary
How ? Go there ... as UNPRIMMED as you can. Lag is bad there and seriously, the only prim you can really hold on is your hair. And believe me, even this you might be pulling it out.
Find silver slippers. Touch it and they will disappear, giving you a hat. You will then need to wear this hat in the store it belongs to, near the broom, touch your hat and a prize you'll receive.
BUT.. some store slippers are easy to find, some others are rare. My suggestion is hover your mouse on the slipper before to click it to know what it is. Another advice is get all the slippers and then just go from stores to stores.
Be warned, the slippers can rezz high or low. Also, some stores have several prizes but not numbered. So gather at least 3 for Risusipo Chipmunk, 2 for Prettiful, 2 for Lou-Lou.
Why at least, because in those cases, the broom gives the prizes randomly, so it might take several tries before to get them all.
Bunny witch dress: (teal) Risusipo hunt prize - (red) Risusipo lucky board
Pale Skins: Schadenfreunde Hunt Prize (all in one pack)
Silks : Evie's Closet prize
Hair : Vixen group gift
Bunny ears, whiskers and tail : The Stringer Mausoleum Hunt prize
Dragonfly : Gonbe Penguin Shop Hunt Prize
Dress: katat0nik Hunt Prize (includes shoes and hat shown in the center of the picture)
Shoulder Pets: (Center) Pumpkinhead Minimaton * JD Hunt Prize - (Right) Minimoods Bunneh * malContent Hunt Prize
Jewels: (Left and Right) Eyecandy Hunt prize (Center) Balderdash Hunt prize
Hats: (Left and Right) The Laughing Academy Hunt Prize - (Center) Part of katat0nik Hunt Prize
Umbrella: Arcavim Hunt Prize (also includes a cane not shown here)
Dress: Crie Style #2 Hunt Prize
Deco Tree: Rebel X Hunt Prize
Silks: Evie's Closet Hunt Prize (better view on them)
Scepter: Prettiful Hunt Prizes
Jewels: Eyecandy gift (not given by the broom though, but hidden not far from the store)
Little characters (those aren't avies): Risusipo Chipmunk Prizes (see worth getting them all)
Belt: LouLou & Co Hunt Prize (second prize is another belt not shown here)
Glasses: Crie Style #1 Hunt Prize
Green Dress: Silent Sparrow Hunt Prize (includes the horns and antennas not shown here)
Shoes: MnM Hunt Prize
Faery Outfit: did I mention it was late? Yes well.. I was messing with pics and this got in it. It's from Epic. Check Tarja Post about it.. But I kinda like this look I got !
White/Blue Dress: KessKreations Hunt Prize

Hair: Wasabi Pills Hunt Prize
Pumpkin: JD Mechanical Toys Factory Hunt Prize (in same pack than the pumpkinhead minimaton)

What I would say about this hunt is... Wow, and thank you. The sim is amazing, magic, and the idea, the way hunts have been done in here are just wonderful.
But not only this, each time the designers really give out an item that shows the width of their talents and imagination.
Thank you for the fun and your generosity.

Now night all ! Hugs

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