Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloweenie stuff Part 1

No... don't ask me how many possible parts this post will have.. I have no idea, so it's a show as it comes !
Let's start with goodies from McSkins and Solange.
The delicious set of orange silks is Solange gift for Halloween, nice union between sexiness and Halloween !
The two dresses are creations by McSkins. The beige and black one being a group gift and the other one being a .. jigsaw gift. Yeah, jigsaw. I loved that, it was so original. You have to recreate the picture of the dress in less than 9minutes to receive it. Plus there is a lucky board but it would not like me it seems ! ^-^
50Flats latest goodies. The black and orange flats are the Halloween gifts. The other one is in the lucky board ^-^
And it's "Le Dernier Cri " to be a Zombie-bee. So go and grab both of the amazing gifts !
Note the zombie is a full avatar package, with skin, shape, eyes, hair, boots, clothes... everything !!!! Thanks again to Asuka Martin for the generosity !
And if you meet Death those days, and it doesn't look that good, tell it to check booN halloween present and to get a scary-lovely facelifting.
But if you like to celebrate Halloween with elegance, then hurry at MysticHope. Make sure you visited the entire store and stopped at all the booths. Lucky Chairs, Lucky Dip, Apple bobber, Camping prizes and so on, and so on.. (Showing you one of the female MysticHope camping prizes, with Mix and Mingle hunt prize from Vixen)

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