Sunday, November 29, 2009

It feels like Christmas !

Ho Ho Ho ... I just realised we didn't wish you an AMAZING Thanksgiving, so may you forgive us and hugs you all !
Explanation for that is very easy, for most of us are europeans, so we don't celebrate Thanksgiving. But we love you still and we'll make it up with some stunning news of upcoming presents ^-^
Let's start with gifts from Pididdle and Aleida that will make you look like Santa's cutest helper.
Aleida spoils its groupmembers with a set of Christmas socks and ballerinas, while Pididdle gives to the faithful followers a lovely tee. Mwah thanks ladies !
Now let's sneak at Epic and try our luck at the lucky chair to get this sweet gold and black babydoll dress. And to continue with cuteness, let's now stop at Gumi's Bad Box !
I was very happy to discover this lovely shop, and I'm pretty sure you'll love their designs as much as me ! Just like the Domino dress which is the actual group gift, worn along with the flower crown available in store for just a few coins! Hurry and discover them !
Now, not a new store but a new subscribo group ! At A piece of Candy you can now find a new subscribo group, because the old one has gone grumpy due to so many of you jumping in ! ^-^
So join the new one and get the keyes dress as a welcome !
And last but not the least, and Rosie had gotten the tips as well it seems.. Fancolie Fashion is a great little shop to discover as well. Nice designs, cheap prices, and lovely gifts just like the Califleur gown Rosie showed you. When I got shopping there, I couldnt resist to La Sage Dasha, perfect for my feline myself !

Stay tuned for more great news ! xoxo
By the way, the cute Christmas Cat is a gift from ANAmations ! Yay

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