Saturday, November 14, 2009

Love song for a vampire

Yeah I know I'm getting obsessed with that TV show (the Vampire Diaries) but I can't help it. Since I haven't posted in a while, here a big post to make up for it. First, Aimesi is having a new group gift in store, this gorgeous skin! It comes in 8 tones and 3 different make-up for each, and is totally free for group members...

Sileny is a fellow blogger, but also, I've just found out, a talented designer... Her shop is called Shape it up! and she sells cheapies there... here are 2 of them (left, 1l$, right, 10l$)

Poised is one of the numerous good shops that are parts of a group called Dead Dolls of SL, and if you are in this group you can get this sexy outfit in store...

The skin I am wearing on the previous pic is the current lucky chair gift at Aimesi, you can see it better here.

Other stuff:
Hair: on pic 1 and 2, Magika, free in store at the moment (shown by Saffie in he previous post), on pic 3, Tiny Bird (old gift from the Poop Hunt), on pic 4 and 5, Magika (10l$ in discount section)
Eyes: old freebies from Romi Juliesse.
Shoes: Clogs from Duh! (20l$ for one pair, 50l$ for a fatpack, 150l$ for all 15 pairs)

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