Thursday, November 19, 2009

Turning back the Clock

So I decided I like to look like a Gentleman from the Victorian era, strong yet elegant. Too many guys in SL in T shirts and jeans we need to have more fun.
Anyway off I trotted to my favourite store for such styles. BlackOpal. They have male and female victorian / pirate / steampunk styles and everything in that store I completely adore.

First off grab the freebie at the entrance, a very dapper burgendy suit which I'm wearing here along with Dragon Boots which were a group Gift at another fine establishement for Victorian/Steampunk clothes SPN 

What you won't fail to notice at BlackOpal is the quality of the clothes on offer and what great value for money they are. Here's a couple more outfits I totally adored. Dastardly Pirate $L450 and the Black feather Suit for Men $L550, each with the Laced Boots For Men also from BlackOpal $L500.

I guess you see now why I love that store *grins*
So guys mix it up a little, lose the T shirts and jeans, this is Second Life not First Life, have a little fun, in fact you don't even have to stick to just one outfit, mix and match like I did here, with the Coat from the BlackOpal Feather Suit, Leather Pants from Roosters and Biker Boots from Edelstore.

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