Monday, November 16, 2009

Life is a Picture Puzzle

Get thee to Last Period... lots of wonderful things await u ^.^

So are u good at puzzles? If u like this dress then brush up on ur puzzle solving skills and beat the puzzle at Last Period here to win this awesum dress! It has little glowy light thingies around the skirt and lots of bows and flounces and i luvs it :-D


So maybiez puzzles aren't ur thing... well that is still ok cos look at this amazing dress which is the opening giftie for Last Period! Dig that crazy towering hat/cake/headpiece thingy LOL! Get this so cool outfit for freeee at Last Period here!

Cake Prinzess

There are other great stuffs at Last Period... group giftie, 100 person gift, group camp dress, seven group lucky boards, two non-group lucky boards upstairs, wots not to like?

Stay not upon the order of your going but go at once! Woot!

Oh oh oh and that isnt all yayz. Just across the way is Liriope, cute hair shop extraordinaire, which also has an opening giftie, this uber cute crop! And there is a lucky board and a autumn giftie there also and if anything they are even cuter than this style YAYZ ^.^

Hmmm Yes>

Such a cute sim also, u can see from the green pics which are taken at Last Period. The so cute carousel is at FallnAngel Amusements, such a great place for fotos ^.^

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