Sunday, November 8, 2009

And for Winter a little Nymph

I just couldn't resist latest release by Evie.. Nymph is so sweet, so magic, I barely have the words to describe it I think. So just look at that stunning picture and enjoy the several options of mix and match included in the set, along with the wings of course.
And I sneaked at the location Winter was kind enough to point at.. it's called Wet Cat and wow... Thanks.
I am showing you here one of the cute swings available for a super cheap price. And it's just amazingly cute.. and cheap.. did I mention it is cute and cheap ?
I mean, go there. The group has a sweet pose as a gift, and there is a spider web pose dollarbie available too.. but that was looking weird with only me hanging on it (yeah it's a two person pose) and I just fell in love for the swing.. so swing by !

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