Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kewtness with a capital "K"

Hi y'all !

So I hope you're doing well and liking the new look of our blog. Plus welcome our new writers, Ryu and Dagmar who are doing wonderful posts ! Mwah !
Now about the goodies, I couldn't help but to show you one of Kouse's new release, Princess. I totally fell in love for the butterflies, and the whole romantic and elegant look. An amazing set of colors is available, as per usual, but god, Kouse doesn't make it easy to pick. So if you were around when the notice got out, you might have been one of the lucky people who took advantage of the "Buy one Get one free" offer.
Did I mention I loved those butterflies ? The design is incredible, and the texture work.. just wow. But wait till I show you Nahlayea... it's S-T-U-N-N-I-NG and I'm not even stuttering saying it.
Another piece of gorgeousness is Mystic Sky latest lucky chair prize.. Annabel in peach is just making you want spring to be earlier. As always, the dress comes with a cloak, but this time, it comes even with two. One green and one peach with a hood. Plus two skirt sizes, plus flowers for your hair... I love Skyler.
But god... when I saw that little avie from Risusipo I just couldn't resist. 60L is a steal, and you can win in the lucky boards two different outfits for it ! Hurrrrrryyy

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