Sunday, November 22, 2009


ChiChi of London is this really cute new shop that i have recently discovered.

AND at ChiChi of London there is a 24 hour opening sale going on right now **50% OFF** ON TIL MIDNIGHT TODAY ONLY.

The designer is the so talented Gaius Luminos and she has made such uber lovely dresses, her work is so finely detailed. Gaius is influenced by victorian and tudor historical dresses and she researches the styles from rl history also. They are all quite amazing ^.^

U should get urself there asap - and before midnight tonight - if u want to catch this sale. All the dresses are 50% off until midnight YAYZ!! Here is ur taxi

I am in luv with this outfit by ChiChi of London called Emerald Girl and until midnight tonight it is only 225L WOOT ^.^ Lookee lookee lookee how amazing @.@

Guarding The Flame

And AND *AND* there is a bonus!! - u get the boots too yayz!

OH! Oh my did i forget! There is ANOTHER BONUS... u get the HAIR ALSO WOOT :-D

This hair is gloriously tumbling chestnut curls... this kinda romantic look is not my usual style but oh my how cute! im enjoying being so girly hehe... might do the all romantic thing more often hehe look here is a close up of the hair ^.^


OH! There is more! Another bonus! A third bonus!

Are u at ChiChi yet? U see the vendor pic? The model is wearing a really cute flowers hat and u know u would really luv to own that hat? Well Gaius is going to make a version to go with the dress, and if u buy the dress u will get the flower hat for free once it is finished. WOW wots not to like... dress boots hair and hat for 225L if u get urself here before midnight :-DD

Wot are u waiting for? Go go go go go go go LOL ^.~

Another dress: this is Isabelle, its so gothy and moody and spooky and wonderful, this is only 350L until midnight... and... ummm... im still wearing my old favie ripped stockings DOH the dress comes with its own fishnets though ^.^

Zombie Mash

Of course, once again, there is a BONUS or should i say TWO BONI (hehe) because it comes with the HAIR and also THE HAT... so here is a close up of me lurking moodily in the graveyard at FallnAngel sheltering from the moonlight under my floppy felt hat:


ChiChi of London has this interesting history... Gaius' auntie had a rl shop called ChiChi of London in Carnaby St in the 1960s... this is carrying on the tradition isl... luvs it :-)

Here are a couple of pics i grabbed from the store vendors... two dresses which are victorian inspired... Regency and Dutchess which are 350L and 400L til midnight tonite... yummy:

Vendor Pics

Finally... im sure u noticed my skin? LOL of course u did cos it is amazing ^.^

This is one of the amazing skins made by DrLife, which is a partner company of ChiChi of London... there is an amazing skin in the lucky board right now at DrLife Moon Park branch... i am wearing a DrLife skin in all these pics but its not the lucky board one cos i havent won that yet despite assiduous stalking for days :-P BUT u can see how luvly this skin is, the one in the board is equally luvly, so u know u wanna stalk this board right? ^.~

These pics were taken on various of the FallnAngel sims... such glorious places go check em out if u haven't already...

Run and check out this stuff before pumpkin time at midnight ^.^

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