Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun and Choices

It's a beautiful day and there's a crispness in the air suggestive of wonderful things! I love the Holiday Season, which to me starts with Halloween and wends it's way on toward New Year's with a progression of fun. This year, I've found some even more wonderful reasons to love the year starting with a fun new toy cooked up by a friend, Rainwatercat. Available at her shop, Rainy Day Prims Shop is this amusing vehicle, the Hamster Mobile!

Now, I don't know the price, but for those of you who have been forced to drive a car that is little more than a few hamsters and a tin can....Yeah, can't resist the lure!

As long as we are on the subject of shiny things, take a look at this!

It's the first Advent Gift of the season! I dropped by Fairy Pearls, known for their beautiful fairy snow globes given out as free giftings each month when what should appear to my wondering eyes but the first Advent Calendar treat, a lovely snowman who greets you with a jaunty tip of the hat. What a sweetheart!

After that, I had to have a look at Wishbox, where I picked up this beautiful group gift called "Understatement" and had a look around. Of course I squeed with glee the moment I tried this glam gown on!

But it was nothing to my squeals of joy when the gracious Ms. Jinn offered to let me blog this spectacular gown, Wishbox Fairest Maiden II Blue. This gown is amazing, and not just for the lovely, jewel-tone clarity of the colors or the amazing quality. Take a look at all the looks you get in just one pack, and I am sure you'll agree the purchase price is quite a steal.

Next, lets talk about the spectacular jewelry I'm wearing. I'm sure you all heard it, and somewhere some poor Linden has been assigned the arduous task of locating the source of my squee of glee as it surely reverberated across the entire grid, for I returned from my holiday turkey overeatathon to discover I had been one of the carefully-selected bloggers chosen by Alienbear Design to receive the full set of Azucena in Soft Antique Gold for blogging. I consider it quite an honor, and wish to extend my thanks to Alienbear Grupte. Ms. Grupte was the very first designer ever I met on the grid, and she was so kind and gracious to the poor, silly noob who stopped her to chat as she hurried to attend a charity auction of one of her lovely designs. During my years in SL, I have been pleased to introduce many friends to her beautiful designs, but this one really takes the cake. Not only is it beautiful and detailed, this set comes with so many great pieces, there's no way it will fail to provide the perfect icing for any style. In addition to the large selection of pieces in this set, you can choose understated bling, or turn it off.

HAIR = House of Heart

SKIN = Redgrave

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