Monday, November 9, 2009

Good deals you said?

Yes but where ? Follow me...

Yellow Top and Green dress (1L several color available) from Amenti
Little black dress with ice skates new release by Aniri's Boutique - Loads of goodies to get there too, but I just loooove that dress. New release by Blue Blood .. Dyna ! So stunning, I just find it amazing ! Ghanima is seriously skilled (she runs Amenti as well with her partner) and wow.. if I'm not too much of a lazy butt with that new week, I promise i'll show you more colors of that wonder-super-fantastic outfit.

Some more of Blue Blood with that red gothic lolita dress. Find the sugar skull in-store to get the gift. Boots included.
Cowboy outfit... giddy-up to hO wear !
And last but not the least... all hairstyles in this post are free treats.
1st and 3rd pictures are gifts by Dr Life to be found in this market.
Middle picture (+ the one worn with the Ho Wear outfit - same hair, different color) are one non-new but still great gift of Truth!
Enjoy !

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