Monday, November 23, 2009

Here, there, and oh what's that?

What was that? Who am I? -*giggles nervously*-

Ok Ok I admit, I've been absent far too long, but darlings, wait til you see what I've got to show you! First up, a wonderful item on sale for 24 hours only, from Lestat Reuven I have "Blizzard". Just take a look at the wonderful detail on this lovely hat, decked out in snowflake embossed satin with a jaunty batch of holly at the side!

Whether you are getting ready for a holiday ball....

Or staying in to admire the tree...

Leaning closer to the fire...

There's even an option perfect for slipping off to bed!

At only $100 today only, I predict a blizzard of sales for this beautiful set. (Hey now, no booing the bringing of good bargin news! -*grins*-)

But wait, there is more! From the sweet rose on her cap and the warm fur over her shoulders, this long coat from Montagne Noire called Soir d'Hiver modeled by my friend, Perdita, is sure to please.

Look how the lovely long skirt is trimmed out in mink! Naturally such elegance is not free, but you can buy it for a song at Astolat's shop in Antiquity Township. Though it's meant for Victorian roleplay, this outfit will keep you warm wherever you travel this winter.

You may wonder why oh why is Gertie engaging a model today? I have the perfect excuse! See that lovely, red, rich chaise? It's the newest release from Diesel Works. This gorgeous chaise comes with over 20 menu-selection poses, no pose balls to crowd your prims! And if that isn't enough to make you smile, a second settee is included, no extra charge, built just for photographers! You can see it here in this candid shot, a bench made just for the photographer. From it you can chose the poses for your models, what a wonderful innovation!

While we are chatting about the setting for these lovely photographs, lets talk about all the lovelies surrounding me. I've told you about the marvelous Diesel Works Debutante Chaise, but what about that Aubusson rug? If you see her round the grid, please tell Joyus Sohl how much you admire this lovely rug from her shop, Joyus Living. This glam rug really brings out the beauty of a room and the people in it, but there's a bonus, reverse for a round rug! And if the color isn't quite what you are searching for, browse her shop for many more reasonably priced options. The rest of the furniture you see in the pictures was free from the midnight mania board at DeSTinny Designs - today it's a gorgeous winter wonderland tree house. Say hi to Tintin Tuxing, the creator of the lovely tree, fireplace, lamp, table, and foot stool.

I've got a great freebie perfect for the season pictured below from MORBID MAUSOLSEUM midnight mania in the attic.

Although the version above is beautiful and warm, there's also a sexy version, perfect for evenings by the fireside with a handsome hunk. Check out the sexy stockings and garters displayed when the top skirt is removed, leaving only this thin, filmy, elegant lace skirt.

Don't I look lovely in this beautiful, warm winter dress? It's called "Melanie" and it's free if you can just get enough of your friends to touch the Midnight Mania board at Morbid's. Don't forget to look around on your way upstairs, I found many bargins downstairs, including a lovely autumn-themed outfit for only $29L.

Here's an closeup of my awesome winter boots from Vanilla C. Designs. They're called "Victorian Fur Boots" but they'd be great for walking in the snow in any time, not just Victorian rp.

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