Saturday, November 14, 2009

Status Quome: Back Home!

I was out of town for a few weeks, delivering some horses to their new owners and visiting a few cousins and other relatives I don't know. Now I have to get caught up! I missed sooo much stuff while I was gone, it looks like. =(

I didn't miss the Cupcakes new store opening though. There's a hunt, plus the shops have some gifts out. I think there are 28 gifts just from Cupcakes and most are skins in a variety of tones! (I totally love their skins!) Here's some of what I picked up:

This fall-color dress called "Floris- Rusty" is 10L at WhoNose and comes with a matching necklace. Hair is a gift from Pocket Mirrors, leggings in all pics from Onyx Wear and skin is from the Cupcakes hunt. You can find it all starting here. (Boots from [PM] )

Closeup of 2 skins, Daydream Raspberry freckled and Daydream Fairy 2 (this one is in the October Halloween gift, run before it's gone!) Earrings and necklace in 2nd photo from RIPE Lucky Board.

Dollarbie from WhoNose (at Cupcakes sim) is this colorful dress! Jewelry from RIPE. Hair from Truth (Holly-Blondes) only 25L!

Just for fun! More Cupcakes opening gifts- Insatiable Fashions (tops) Together Inc. (shorts) Filigreemotion (hair). Other stuff- jewelry, Skin Fair gift from Your Skin & Your Shape, shoes part of previous Sn@tch group gift. Polaroid photo HUD from Patchwork- I heard it's closing! ='(

Thanks to the designers and congrats to Cupcakes on their new store and sim!

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