Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New skin line at Iren

When Irischka Hotshot from Iren sent a demo for a new skin line she was working on a few weeks ago, I was tempted to post about it. But then I figured, a blog post? about a demo? no way... well now at least I can show you the new skins to my heart's content because I went on a shopping spree! Skins are sold for 850l$ each and include lots of options, like freckles, cleavage, bikini tan lines, and tattoos... Less words, more pics:

Geisha, cleavage and no cleavage

Dark Smokey, without and with tan lines

Cry, no mascara and mascara, this skin makes me want to go back to dating, just for the sake of getting heartbroken again and sad and look awesome, still...

Circus, with or without freckles

Candy, with or without stars tattoo... and here are the tattoos:

Ooops! Me nekked!

I am officially a fan!

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