Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hopscotch !

Ohmygawd... it's past bedtime but I wanted to show you those thingies.
Sadly Photoshop is putting up a fight so I gave up on one closer look of Curious Kitties and A piece of Candy group gifts. But i'll get the last word on that and hopefully post the piccie soon !
But first... hop hop hopscotch over to Pulling Strings to get this group gift!
I used to love that game when I was a kid... and I was pretty good at it ! Jeans are a prize from some random prize giver thingy at Epic ... the chair hated me but at least I got that !
Boots are Maitreya subscribo gift, also an halloween version of those amazing boots in it ! The top is A Piece of Candy group gift and the hair is from Curious Kitties .. there is also a smexy outfit.. but I can't show it right now .. grr.
And now ... be ready to be amazed !
The new monthly group gift is out at Sascha's Designs .. and it's the pink gown, 3rd one from the right.
So why am I showing so many others? Because I didn't know if it's not new that now... when wearing the group tag, you can not only get this month gift BUT also previous ones !
So I'm just showing you a few of them, some of my favourites.
Huggles Sascha !
Enjoy guys and night night !

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