Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sensual Mistery Gifts

Hopped on by to Sensual Mistery to pick up this month's male group gift, available in the subscribo history. A simple outfit, knit sweater in 6 colours.

Continuing through the store I noticed they still have their Make Him Over Hunt gift out. Giant orange male symbol, you can't miss it.

In it there are FIVE great men's outfits you would be sad to miss out on. I don't know how long its going to be there, the hunt already finished Sunday, so I suggest you hightail it on down there!

Gift #1

Striped Polo shirt, great collar and sleeves, hey I've even got a chest pocket.

Jeans with 3 sculpted legs options, straight, flared and cuffed.

Gift #2

Now I don't usually wear hats, I'm not a fan of hat hair. But I've got to say I'm sporting this one pretty well. The tie is just a great added touch.

Gift #3

A simple open white V-neck shirt, looks great for lounging about. Paired with another set of their great jeans, you're in for a nice relaxing day, just bring on the margaritas.

Gift #4

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Real men wear PINK! We just find excuses not to! Except now. Pink or not this shirt looks great, and with those blue shorts to show off the legs you're set. Embrace the colour men! There is more than just earthy tones for our wardrobe!

Gift #5

And last but not least, letting out my bad side.

Lots of options for mixing and matching guys so head on down to Sensual Mistery before they're gone.

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