Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Teddy always win

Yes.. he does.
Don't even think about it men. He's been sharing our secrets before we even learnt how to blabber.
He's always here when we needed a confident or a shoulder to cry on.
And he's always sweet.
Yep, you better do your homeworks before to think about outclassing Teddy.
Featuring Teddy .. by La Petite Morte (For Black to Black !)
Lingerie by Insolence : Pic 1 is Joan in Gold and Pic 2 is the Vday gift
Hair : Abbey by Elikatira
Skin: Romance by Heartsick (For Black to Black !)
Boots : Flutter boots by lassitude & ennui (For Black to Black !)
Prop by Behavior Body

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