Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Koala and The Meero

Totally in love for those Evie...
You couldn't have made any greater and funnier cat tights.
Those pretties are of course from Sleeping Koala, mistress of leggings, tights and much more things (including some that can't be said out loud I heard !)
The smexy shirt is from 1Hundred, and this will be out for next XY ROOM round starting on March 1st. Rest has already been blogged and reblogged but you shall find all the links at the bottom of this post!
More of Mistress Evie with the I <3 boys shirts and yush, I totally love English boys :)
They can be as cute as meeros !

You know it.. it's all after the cut !

Pose by Gola (avaible for Whore Couture Fair)
Skin : Romance by Heartsick (For Black to Black !)
Hair : Monique by Wasabi Pills

Look 1:
Top: by 1 Hundred for XY ROOM
Cat Scratch Tights by Sleeping Koala
Shorts: Puffy Shorts by Sassy Kitty
Shoes: Boston Boots by Reek
Ears by Red Mint

Look 2:
I <3 Boys (English) by Sleeping Koala
Zebra bandage leggings by Sleeping Koala
Feet: Tip Toe Bare Feet by Gaeline
Butterfly: Le Papillon Noir by A:S:S

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