Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mardi Gras!

I know that Flux got blogged already, but it's still going on until the 27th and there are many things that haven't been shown yet. I decided to focus on my personal favorites. Here's your carriage

*EDIT*  I forgot to credit the poses! (It because I usually always use the same ones from a store that doesn't exist anymore). They are from Status and Frooti (in the Flux event). My apologies to the designers.

Katat0nik Jester Dress in Red
Bang Bang Mardi gras Mask (gold)

Some Ghost Iko Iko Mesh dress in purple
MiaMai Mardi Gras make up 01

I have a think for tattoo layer make ups. And guess what? Flux this months is a make-up fest! Happy Rose is happy!

Miss Shippe's Studio Mardi Gras Bar Fight and Hangover make ups
Banana Banshee Beads eyes in Carnivale

A&A Checks Face Paint 
Collisions Carnival Facial Tattoo

Le Bloom Mardi Masks in Blue and Pink

MiaMai Mardi Gras Make up 04 and 05

Other credits :
  • Hair : Elikatira - Shine
  • Skin :  Curio - Fall Pure
  • Shoes : A&A Envy Boots Damask

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