Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In a hurry

No, no no no !! That time already !?!
How can it be that late ? Will I have enough time ?
Enough time to show you the brand new room set by Sway... which is totally cute and coming in red or blue tones and ...
Where is this book ?
Of course ... Under the bed !
This so looks like my RL room when I was a student.
Ok well, actually the pile of books with the coffee cup on it .. is still existing.
Oh and you may have noticed the gorgeous new hair from Wasabi Pills, Monique and the Draw up top by Red Mint.
Now you know what's left to do... Shop till you drop!
Room set: Haylie Single Bed Set by Sway's
Hair : Monique by Wasabi Pills
Skin : Romance by Heartsick (For Black to Black !)
Jeans : These old jeans by 22769
Top : Draw Up Top by Red Mint
Feet: Tip Toe Bare Feet by Gaeline

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