Sunday, February 19, 2012

Playing mischief

Is the best thing a faery can do. And even worse when she is about 2 inches tall.
Feeding my Petite Addiction, Evie not only released yet another one of her gorgeous outfits in a Petite Size but also made a free version of the Nyria dress for the Petites !
So make sure to stop by her store to get it, contemplate the lovely sim and then run at Yabusaka Market to get yourself a Hanging Out Chair Prop by Mole End !
 And yes.. I mentionned a new release and this time it's Ren !
So run and make your petite looks even better !
More pics and credits after the cut

Outfit : PETITES Ren and Nyria dresses by Evie's Closet (Check the Petites Market )
Avie : PETITES -Elves (Sunkissed skin) by Fallen Gods
Hair : Hadeya (resized !! Make sure to do a safe copy before trying) by Catwa
Eyes : Cats in Moss by Banana Banshee (Petite Prim eyes available on request. Send IM to Rosemarie Indigo)

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