Sunday, February 19, 2012

Healer and Cooker

I meant to blog about this pretty gown for like ages.. but you know how it goes.
Anyway.. time to make grabby hands if you're medieval or fantasy roleplayer because the Violante dress by Moonstruck is amazing.
Of course.. all the lovely accessories are included and you can play between different styles depending on which top, sleeves or skirt you wear.
 More pics and all the credits after the cut

Dress: Violante Dress in Red by Moonstruck
            Last pic shows also the Apron with kitchen tools also from Moonstruck
Skin: Romance by Heartsick (For Black to Black !)
Beauty mark by Blacklace (TOSL item)
Hair : Veronique in Fawn by Exile - previous holidays gift
Pose by Kmadd for Proposers Expo

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  1. thank you so much for showing poses from KMADD, we appreciate it very much!