Monday, February 6, 2012

I'm just a little faun

Caution shy eyes, this post won't show it but ... that won't be covered a whole lot either.
Severed Garden just released this super sexy faun set for ZombiePopcorn Brand. Not to confuse with the hunt !
The ZombiePopcorn Brand is a themed store with a selection of creations, that will change every two weeks. Not more than 30 designers per row. An absolute must-visit.
 Want to see more ? Want to know all about it ? Then read after the cut ... you pervs! ^-^
Of course, as per usual, Severed Garden set includes everything from the tail to the ears, not forgetting the horns (yush.. two sets of horns .. horny will you say ?) and a bunch of accessories.
The cute hair is from Pomme d'Amour and as its name says.. it's a sweetheart look !
Eyes are from Banana Banshee (like if it's surprising coming from me!) and the skin from Al Vulo (what a surprise !)

Rina Faun set by Severed Garden for ZombiePopcorn Brand.
Hair : Sweetheart hair by Pomme d'Amour
Skin : Miha in Bronze by Al Vulo
Eyes : Beads in Green by Banana Banshee (FLUX item) 
All poses by LAP

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