Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thinking about it

I stumbled over a post I wish to share with you all today, because I think the subject is more than worth being talked about..

So first have a lookie at the post from Grazia here and Sasy here.

I've been blogging for wow.. long.
First post we ever made on the Cat was March 6th 2009. And before that I was blogging with Shay.
So about 3 years now.

Why ? Because I loved some designers *so* much I wanted everybody in SL to know them. Because there was lovely (designers) people like my friend Kousey or Boaz, dropping stuff on me to get opinions etc.

And those girls were so kind and so talented right from the beginning, I just knew they had to be known !
And I wanted to thank them for spoiling me. But how could I ?
I never got loads of money to spend on SL, specially since I tried to always keep it clear for myself, SL is *second* life, so I would rather afford something i really wanted in RL.
Besides it, I mess a bit with prims, but not anywhere close to greatness so.. as a thank you.. that pretty much sucks.
Therefore, what was left ? Blogging.
I love taking pics, messing with it (and now I got my brand new computer, I expect to have even more fun with them!) and with it, i could promote their work.

Give you a look of their talent, keep the focus on their items (rather than on my pretty face... even though... ^.~), that's how i could get the word out those designers ROCK.
Now, some I didn't know before contact me and ask me to blog their creations and guess what... I feel *very* humble when they do so. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for considering me.
So, when i hear people complaining about bloggers and review copies, well I just don't get it.
You are not forced to give. If a blogger contact you, that's just because they noticed your work and they want to let you know they loved it and would like to put pictures of your stuff everywhere they can ! (yeah we're noisy little things and when we love something we tend to make as much noise as we can)
So, you can as well give or not. If the person asking you badmouth about you for not giving then.. it's an a... and just call out a few of the long-time bloggers and they will kick their pixels behinds hard enough to make SL choke. Same thing applies if you send stuff and they don't blog it after asking.

So now.. see it as a fair deal... as new bloggers might need to find "designer-sponsors" to help them start their blog, new designers might appreciate "blogger-sponsors" to get their business started.



  1. yay , great points and you are so right, we are NOISY and SL blogs give us a chance to share that noise :)