Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Friday!

Yep it's Friday, that means 50L friday!
So I've not done 50L friday in about.... a year! Alot of what's on sale this week is housing which I can't buy since I don't own a home right now but I'll still let you know what there is!
Theosophy had a very cute out door table and chair set
DECO had these SMEXY glasses that I'm modelling and some gorgeous shoes in black... still debating to go buy them!
Hoot was selling an adorable bird house
Artilleri had a yummy yellow high waisted skirt
Young Urban was selling a nice neat vest
Turquoise Unicorn Studio has some naughty horns
Mocha had three lovely floaty skirts
and when I left we were still waiting on Lamb to rezz
Saff xx

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