Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hunts and news

Let's start with the news...
From Blue Blood and Beautiful Dirty Rich...
+++BB+++ Karina White Goth version and BRD Xena Hair in White
Shown here matched with sexilicious Thalia's boots (previously blogged)
As per usual, tons of styles are possible and some for the nights at home ^-^ (note pasties aren't included)
I'm a little bit late to show you this one which was released just before .. it's OUJI outfit... Pick the pants you like, coat you like and mix and match !

Now for the hunts... Perfect Couple hunt. I stumbled over it as I was checking Gardens of Dreams store, so i picked my fav stores and here is what i got..
Aidoru - Hers - PCH gift
And for your summer afternoons ^-^
From Garden of Dreams, a lovely couple's swing. Note the pose I used is my own, the poseball included being more meant for a couple (which is kinda logic no, for Perfect Couple Hunt ^-^)

Enjoy !

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