Sunday, May 29, 2011

C'est (encore) moi!

I mentionned C'est moi for the first time on The Fae, the Faun and the Wardrobe a couple of hours ago, and since then I went back to the shop and spent all my remaining lindens on a few pretties I'd like to show you:

 Gypsy dress, 150l$

 The Kissface long dress, 185l$
Ok I have to say this face made me think of Lady "Moisturize me!" Cassandra, one of 
Doctor Who's funniest villains (check her out here if you don't know her)

What I like about a shop is also the basics, like this cute buttoned high skirt (95l$), or the tank top (110l$) that can be worn with or without the attachment prim.


  1. I found your blog through a mutual acquaintance. Thank you so much for all the tips and deals. I LOVED C'est Moi. I'm a one-month noob in SL and I've found it difficult to find good, clear cheap fashion blogs lol. Your finds are beautiful.

  2. I'm glad to hear we could help you !! Don't hesitate nudging one of us if you find something we didn't blog !!