Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angelwing or Fae Lesson 2

Next step is.. get adorable outfits. Because you got to look tasty if you want Drows to hunt you all over the grid.
Good thing ? Angelwing often if not always includes wings in their pack, plus tons of accessories as flower wreath, ribbons and such.. so now.. I'll let you drool all over your screen before to quickly hit the TP button in SL.
Tricia in Red

Blue Elysia Dress

Feather Fairy
I admit.. I got a huge crush on Feather Fairy so all colors all following along with a few more styles... Glad I made spring cleaning few days ago... it had left space for those !!

Garden Fairy Set

Thalia set
Thalia set
And for those who are on a budget ... even if all Angelwing creations are very low priced compared to most of SL fashion, there is the Anakarina dress for free at the store !

Pic 1/9/10/11 : Baby Cocoa (Analog Dog freeball)
Pic 6/7/8 : Group gift at Heart Softens
Pic 2/3/4/5 : Ayala by Simply Britnee
Pic 12 : Short black hair - Group Gift (1 Prem Hair) by Waka & Yuki

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