Saturday, May 7, 2011

Kiss my cat ^-^

Feeling feline ? Why not ? Thanks to Beautiful Dirty Rich.. you can free the Cat in yourself !
Reaching 6000 group members, Cameron Vasiliov celebrated it with a group gift, Emo Kitty, coming in 8 colors!

Blindfold, mascara, ears and tail included ! (with the Blue and Cyan outfit, cat's stuff are my usual from Atomic though!)
BRD - Thank you gift
 And to say thank you to everybody, even those who aren't in the group, but still supporting her work.. she made another gift ! And I definately agree... 42 groups isn't enough still !!
You thought it was over?? Nope! One more! Monthly group gift !
BDR - Black Star
Gotta love being a cat!

Hair: Pic 1&2: Boon previous gift - Pic 3&4: Magika: Flow II Maroon
Boots: Sabine by Lapointe & Batschild
Skin: Sneak Peek at Al Vulo release for upcoming The Fashion Garrett - Cloei in bohemian milk tone

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