Sunday, May 22, 2011

Be a D!va

Yuppers.. You remember this hairstyle shown previously.
So as I said, it's from D!va.. which is offering supa-extra-mega-cute hairstyles. Why should you run there? Many gifts are awaiting you all styles are very affordable!
D!va Akane group gift
So I let you perv at the pick and hit the limo at the bottom of the post !
D!va More than 10000 group members gift

D!va Haruka Group Gift
D!va Yuria Lucky Board prize
Plus in the store they have adorable poses !! Like Kanpai !!
Caution.. those hairstyles are not from D!va
D!va ((pose)) *te*
Or this adorable bubble pose ! Comes with the bag.
D!va ((pose)) *na*
So .. where do you go now ? D!va !!

Silks: Ariel by Evie's Closet
Dress: Suzie by Kouse's Sanctum
Mermaid pose in pic 2/3/4 - Lost Angels (1L)
Skin and ears by RedMint
Hair shown in pic 5/6/7 - Vickie hair by Wasabi Pills (new!)

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