Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bizarre, meh ?

Where is ... hunt items (skin by Al Vulo / Tongue by Glue Ink)
I must admit this tongue was a *lot* of fun when I tried it on. It's "Where is..." hunt item by Glue Ink and it's texture change.. so you can have a lot of "I-stick-my-tongue-out-at-you" looks. Add to this the hunt skin by Al Vulo... and I was my best mischievious mood!
Second and as previously mentionned, I have a sneak peek for your eyes.. The Fashion Garret item by Al Vulo ! Loving the freckles!

And last but surely not the least... Ibizarre participation to Culture Shock deserved to be noticed (thanks Shay!).

Pic 1
Hair: Tuli in Berry - HOH
Skin: Al Vulo Elena huntress (Where is.. hunt gift)
Tongue: Where is ... hunt gift by Glue Ink
Eyes: Rose's eyes - Maelenn color by Banana Banshee

Pic 2:
Hair: Magika - Flow II maroon

Pic 3:
Hair: Boon and HOH again
Skin: (left) Al Vulo actual group gift - bitter choco (right) Elena huntress
Outfit: Ibizarre - Culture Shock item (left) Lorena tunika cloudy + Eggplant leather pants (right) Marissa Dress Vanilla
Bracelet: Subscribo giftie by Kouse's Sanctum

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