Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Beloved Suzie

Now that the *#@*% Blogger will let me post... I shall show you the delicious and delicate latest release by Kouse's Sanctum.
On the picture above, you discover Beloved in Ruby... and below Suzie in Candy Heart.
Jump after the break to see all the colors available as well as the credits!

Amethyst, Aqua, Chocolate
Cranberry, Emerald, Flurry
Forest, Grape, Obsidian
Ocean, Ruby, Sapphire

Still Waters
Antique, Candy Heart, Charcoal

Pioneer, Frosting, Lilac
Mint, Overcast, Rose
Spring, Sky

Top pic of Beloved gown: Hair Akana by D!va / Skin and ears by Red Mint (n°2)
Top pic of Suzie gown: Hair by Wasabi Pills (Vickie) / Skin and ears by Red Mint / Hat by Studio Sidhe (upcoming hunt gift!)

All other pics of Beloved: Hair Teased (free gift by Lamb) / Skin Elena by Al Vulo
All other pics of Suzie: Hair Messed Up (free gift by Lamb) / Skin and ears by Red Mint

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