Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Mint ... Introduction post

Yeah .. introduction... but yet tons of things.
I felt in "holidays" mood ... so I took my pixelated behind to some exotic places to shoot those pictures for you. Who said Drows can't be sexy with flowers?
Naiads are as well, with a touch of cuteness.
Pose by Studio Sidhe
And simple meh just loves to rest on the moon ...
Pose by Studio Sidhe
Yeah I know... now let's talk frankly, you wanna know all about those pretties I know. So ... the hair is Red Mint Hair n°8, shown in those pics in Amber Gold and Pale colors. Note the hair comes in two parts, so you can wear (or not) the additionnal Side Swept Bang. I loved how the chain is interwoven in the hair !
And in the front part, you see the chain making a headband with the little cross jewel.. giving that touch of sexy mystic look.
Now... lets look a little bit closer to the skins n°9 and ... or should I say .. AND the ears. Big crush on those ears from me.
Babydoll tone was terribly cute... just like those ears. Note you can tint the ears and of course, it matches the skins tones avaibles from Red Mint !
I just had to show you all the skin tones in the Drow line... with another style of ears.
And last but not the least.. the Tan line was lovely and pretty pure in the tone 5.

Outfit: Ariel in White by Evie's Closet
Hair: First pics is Red Mint n°8 - With close up for skins it's a D!va hairstyle.
Poses : On the notified pictures, pose props are by Studio Sidhe which i adore ! They have everything fantasy-dreamlike you can think about and more !

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  1. these skins are terrible cute, I really love the make-ups *O*