Sunday, May 15, 2011


As you may have noticed, I regularly use this box as a set for my pictures...
The same you may have noticed those poses here and now.
Common point ?
They all come from Diesel Works. And Rogan Diesel is not only gifted by talent as a pose maker, he's also gifted with generousity. And spoil regularly the group members ! Just like this pose called "The Kiss" which is free for groupmembers only.
I used the store ad to show you this romantic pose... because to be honest, I ran out of male models while I was making the post so the male avie I quickly made (by quickly understand less than 5mn) did not meet the requirement to honour such a lovely pose !
But he was good enough to show you all the great poses we can grab while doing the store hunt, so ... you forgive me right?
Note the Martini glass poses shown above are part of the hunt, I just couldn't resist having it when it got released ^-^
All hunt gifts shown after the jump.

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