Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Am I...

Filthy ?
Exposed Bridal Gown
I don't know... but what I know is that I loved this wedding gown, all provocative and sexy at once. The prim work is absolutely excellent on this dress and the back ... is just made to make men drool.
Exposed Bridal Gown
But the other creations won't stay in the shadows of this "sublissime" bridal gown... just have a look at the latest groupgift... the French Maid. Make you want to do some house cleaning doesn't it ?
(left) French Maid *groupgift* / (right) Ultra Low Riders Blue Tone 1 + Summer Kami in nude
Note for the Ultra Low Riders... which are supa sexy .. that you should make sure to keep your panties on if you want to be "covered"
The Teacher
That's all for today, but make sure to learn your fashion lesson... or you shall be spanked!

Bridal Gown pics:
Skin and ears: Red Mint
Hair: D!va
Other outfits pics:
Hair: EMO-tions Paul
Skin: Elena in Pale tone by Al Vulo

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