Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oh how KYOOT!

This story starts with a skirt, a 50L Friday skirt that i got agessss ago! And for ages I've tried to find a nice, sophisticated top to match with it, in the end I decided to find the shop the skirt originally came from which is when I stumbled across Kyoot!!
As I arrived I hit the subscribo and got a lovely red dress! And I think it goes perfectly with the free hair from Lamb
So here's the skirt that started me off on this trip, it's 100L in store now and the blouse that I found (yay!) comes in different colours for only 50L each!
Also... to go off topic I fell in love with this naughty "top" that comes in different shades and is 150L (my little "splurge")Oh and finally, I couldn't leave you without a new gorgeous pair of shoes from my favourite designer spot The Dressing Room, drool!! (about 70L) there are loads of new items in the dressing room so I encourage you to go check it out
Saff xx

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