Friday, May 13, 2011


Ever seen "Pay It Forward" movie? If not.Then you should.
Why am I mentionning that ? Because I just visited Schoen store which I discovered at Fashion for Life and I got surprise to see there were items available on the entrance desk for ... free.
Opening the note which comes with the pretties, I read those words:
"This item is free. However, this is not a mere free item.
I think that I wants you to donate in RL(real money) a fund when you like this item even a little.
It might be small power one by one. However, if it’s consolidated, it's changes into big power.
Your geniality becomes everyone's power."

In France atm we have different charities around, Red Cross of course, associations helping homeless people too but I think the most known is "Les Enfoirés" (which I will not translate for it's not an innocent word ^-^) which gather mainly food for people in need. So here went my donation Saya.
Also at the store, there is a random gift giver (one per day) from which you can get this skirt and the blouse !

Top picture: 
* Hair from Curious Kitties (old gift)
* Boots from Maitreya (old subscribo gift)
* Skin from Lara Hurley (Aiko - group gift)

Bottom picture:
* Hair: Annabel in naturals by EMO-tions
* Boots (same as above)

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