Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yay(o) ... and co !

A bit of everything this morning ! Mainly hunt gifts and cheapies !
Yayo: FPWTB Gift - War Paint Black
Yayo is a store I've just discovered while hunting around.. and gosh .. I loved it ! The War Paint tatoo, gift for FPWTB is just so sexy ! Plus (as you'll note while reading this post) the store is filled with goodies and it's all great quality items!
EMO-tions: Hair (left) TTH hunt gift - Hair (right) Melina old group gift * Necklace : I need a dollar hunt gift * Skirt: Old Halloween gift (can still be found !)
EMO-tions was new to me before Fashion For Life, and now, I'm addicted ! I visited the whole store a few days ago and, Mirja Mills is seriously skilled ! Hairstyles shown in the picture above and in the one below are gifts at the store (or were, I've just read that the groupgift changed and it's no longer Melina), plus the necklace (I need a dollar hunt) and the skirt which was set out for halloween but is still here !
Left: Pim's out of Luck - Nom (mouth) DIHM hunt gift by Epic * Right: Skin: Vampy groupgift by Al Vulo! - XXX tatoo store gift by Yayo
Al Vulo! is yet another amazing skin maker. The skin on the right is Vampy, actual groupgift. The XXX tatoo on the right also, is from Yayo, free at the store. The thingy i'm munching on the left is Diamond is Mine hunt gift by Epic.
Left: Diamond is Mine Hunt - Hair by EMO-tions * Skin by Al Vulo! * Right: Eye Flower tatoo 10L at Yayo
On this picture, the hairstyle is Diamond is Mine hunt gift by EMO-tions, note that the headband is color change. On the right, I'm wearing my usual skin by Firefall matched with Yayo Eye Flower tatoo (10L) at the store !

Enjoy !!!

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