Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fashion For Life: WoE

Phew.. sometimes be a blogger isn't that easy. You don't believe me ?
Then visit WoE at Fashion For Life on Shulman sim
WoE Cropped Tank in Chocolate and Graecyn Flare Jean in Bronze
Dick Wiesel has placed in his FFL vendors jeans in plenty of colors, and trust me .. when you get to pick something from his store, you better have confidence in your deodorant !
Pants: WoE Graecyn Flare Jeans in Bronze (FFL item) - Top : WoE Cropped Tank (Coal > left / Chocolate > right)
A wise fashion eye picked for me in order to match the jean the Cropped tank in chocolate, so what you think ? Looking good no?
And yeah, I just couldn't resist to this dress, not an FFL item but sexy enough to be blogged !

Enjoy !

Note the hair is FFL items too.. from EMO-tions, more about it in a post to come !

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